1- To congregate all professionals or academics who objectify to practise or to search knowledge in the Emergency and intensivism;

2- To contribute with the classroom societies that promote or stimulate good the practical one of the attendance-ICU and First Aid;

3- To divulge the level national the purpose of the socorrist, emergencist and intensivist, its formation and qualification;

4- To collaborate in the transformation of the attendance in the ICUs Brazilian, over all in the humanization characterized in the self-determination and respect to the patient;

5- To provide to magnifying and interchange of the professionals of different areas that act in the critical patient;

6- To strengthen the ethical mission of the health;

7- To assist in the formation of the citizenship of our country;

8- To insert the young academic in the associative universe;

9- To fortify and to promote the education of the intensivism and Emergencism;

10- To agglutinate works technician of different areas;

11- To support national initiatives of companies and professionals who work in new technologies for Brazilian development and research;

12- To emphasize the pride of the nation as cultural entity;

13- To fortify the relation professional-patient in the ICU, the ample direction and spiritual, where if he lives deeply the fragile link life and death in the intensive attendance.